Recycled Soda Top Bags

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    Looking for something a little different ? Our recycled soda pull bags stand out in a crowd. Bio-Imaginarte is your source for a bag for yourself, a dozen for your store or a few hundred to wholesale.  Also, we can make custom designs at your request!      

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The Art of Recycling

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  The founders of BIO Imaginarte take the mantra “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle” to heart. The focus of BIO when it began in 1992 was educating Mexico in the need to protect and restore the environment. The materials we use ensure that earth and all its species may count on a suitable environment and a sufficient space to live.  It is imperative to live a life of quality.  As long as we maintain the natural resources we were provided with, we can better maintain our world. The products from our Bio work shops incorporate secondary materials.  This means re-used...

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